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Visiting Sicily

A foodie's guide to the picturesque island of Sicily - where to eat and drink & tips on local cuisine & food events

Visiting Sicily should be on your travel bucket list as this beautiful Italian island is a unique destination. Beside natural beauties such as Etna here you will find cities such as Catania, Palermo, Cefalu, Agrigento, Siracusa, Ragusa, Taormina and Noto. Each city offers unique charm with beautiful architecture and special cuisine. 

Sicilian cuisine is based mostly on simple ingredients grown all around the island which can be found on the local markets. Those who wish truly experience Sicilian cities should explore their food markets full of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, fresh fish and seafood.

It draws inspiration and techniques from cultures that have inhabited the island over many centuries. Ingredients such as lemons, almonds and pistachios were brought by the Arabs of North Africa and chocolate was later introduced by the Spanish.

Sicilian dessert are different from those on the Italian mainland. They are very sweet and mostly made from almonds, pistachios, fresh and dried fruits, fresh ricotta cheese etc.

One of the most famous Sicilian dessert are cannoli - fried dough filled usually with whipped ricotta cheese with addition of chocolate, sugared fruits, pistachios etc.

Granite are famous frozen dessert which comes in different flavours - coffee, chocolate, strawberry, lemon etc. Usually it is eaten topped with whipped cream and brioche for breakfast.

In the city of Modica, they produce a special kind of chocolate known as "cioccolato di Modica". This chocolate is produce by special process and as a result we have thick and grainy chocolate which is sometimes flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla.

Getting to Sicily

One of the most popular ways of getting to Sicily is by ferry due to its proximity to many Mediterrenean destinations and large selection of ports around the entier coast.

The majority of routes are from cities on the west coast of Italy and surrounding archipelagos and islets, while regular international crossings are also available from North Africa, France and Malta.

You can travel to Sicily from Aeolian Islands, Civitavecchia, Aegadian Islands, Italian west coast (Genoa, Livorno, Naples), Pelagie Islands, 

There are also numerous direct flights both from Italy as elsewhere in the world. 

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