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Visiting Sardinia

A foodie's guide to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia - where to eat and drink & tips on local cuisine & food events

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian islands situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just below Corsica. It boasts extensive mountain ranges, wide valleys and broad plateaus and being one of the most geologically ancient lands in Europe.

Sardinia has a mild short winter and long hot dry summer. The year-round good weather allows plenty of outdoor activities both on the coast and inland: from mountain biking in the wild hills to scuba diving in the crystal clear sea or simply relaxing on the warm sand of the beach.

Sardinia is visited by a large number of visitors but rural hinterland has still been untouched allowing visitors to experience an authentic taste of old Sardinia. This island can be reached by plane from many European cities as well as by ferry from Spain, France and Italy.

Sardinia island is primarily comprised of four provinces: Cagliari in the south, Sassari in the north where you can find the towns of Alghero and Olbia, and in-between you find Oristano (west coast) and Nuoro (east coast). Each region has its own identity, food, culture and even local dialect of Sardinian.

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