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Via Cola di Rienzo
An Elegant shopping street in Prati

Via Cola di Rienzo is a long shopping street that runs between the Vatican and Piazza del Popolo. Along this street you will find some brand names, the Coin department store and also some smaller local shops. You can shop here for shoes, bags, clothes, underwear, jewellery, cosmetics etc.

The large department store Coin has a large range of international and Italian brands. Here you can shop for clothes, leather products, fragrances, make-up. On the lower ground there are great choice of home products and various kitchenware as well a supermarket for buying some groceries.

You will find here Castroni shop where local people come for espresso and also a food shop. Here you will find all high quality food products from all Italian regions. Here you can buy some pesto, prosciutto, parmigiano - reggiano, Italian coffee, all kind of chocolate and chocolate products, spices, nuts, pasta etc. This place is always packed with local people and tourists looking for a great souvenir from Italy. 

On this street you will find fruits and vegetable market called Mercato dell'Unita, houses in a neo-classical building. Unlike most other markets which stays open until afternoon, this covered market stays open until late. It has also underground parking.

Street which leads to Via Cola di Rienzo you can find many nice small shops. The area is upscale residential area of Rome and it is pleasant to wander this neighbourhood.

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