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Venetian Dessert Recipes

Veneto region is famous for fried desserts which are usually made during the Venetian Carnival. There are variety of fried desserts in Venice.

The most famous ones are frìtole venetiane  - fried balls made with flour and yeast and enriched with raisins and pine nuts. Castagnole are also fried desserts in the size of chestnuts. These are soft dough balls made with eggs, flour, milk and baking powder. They come in many variations and can be plain or filled with pastry cream, chocolate etc. For those who like crunchy sweets, crostoli or galani would be a great choice. These are thin stripes of dough, fried and dusted with icing sugar.

The most famous Venetian dessert is worldwide known tiramisu which consists of coffee soaked savoiardi and mascarpone cream and dusted with bitter cocoa powder on the top.

We have a selection of Venetian dessert recipes you can easily prepare at home. These recipes are simple and easy-to-follow.


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