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Venchi Chocolates and Gelato

One of the best Italian chocolate producers, Venchi was founded by Silvano Venchi in 1878 in Turin. Since today they spread all over the Italy and world having their shops in many places. The secret of their success is the passion about chocolate and use of the best ingredients: famous hazelnuts from Piedmont region in Italy, Sicilian pistachios and the quality cocoa from Central/South America and Africa.

Venchi offers amazing chocolates and gelato
Quality chocolate bars & truffles from Venchi

Venchi produce the wide range or products: chocolate bars in different sizes, chocolate truffles, spreads and other amazing sweets. Flavours range from dark chocolate, salted nuts, coffee, orange, hazelnuts, pistachio etc. When visiting any of Venchi shops you will have a hard time to choose from their sweets which are so tempting. This is the place to buy foodie souvenir from Italy for you and your loved ones.

Starting from 2006 they produce their own gelato which is made with just simple natural ingredients such as fresh milk, fresh dairy cream, sugar, eggs, top quality fruit, Piedmont hazelnuts and their chocolate Venchi. Their gelato is so rich and tasteful that you will always come back for more. Check out here where you can buy Venchi chocolates in Italy and worldwide.

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