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Trains from Rome to Florence

The train route between Rome and Florence is one of the busiest in Italy, due to the huge number of travellers who have both cities on their Italian travel list. Also, many Italian locals travel from one city to other on a daily basis. To please this demand, trains depart from Rome to Florence frequently.

Taking the train from Rome to Florence is the most comfortable option of travelling between these two cities, even better than taking the plane. In addition travellers can enjoy beautiful Italian scenery during the train ride.

The distance betwen Florence and Rome is about 260 km and trains from Roma Termini to Florence train stations depart several times per hours meaning there are around 80 trains throughout the day.

There are two types of trains connecting Rome with Florence, high-speed trains which included Frecciarossa nad Frecciargento trains and local trains.

Frecciarossa are the most modern trains in Italy riding up the speed of 300 km/h allowing comfortable and pleasant travel. Frecciarossa trains offer spacious seats, easy luggage storage, amenities like Wi-Fi, electric outlests, a food carriage with a cafe or vending machines and restrooms. There are both 1st class and 2nd class. Frecciarossa trains travel between Rome and Florence in about 1 h 30 minutes. Prices for this trains start from €30 one-way.

Frecciargento are also high-speed trains which can reach 250 km/h connecting Rome with Florence in about 1 h 30 minutes. This route also connect local trains known as "regionale" which take around 3 hours due to the fact that they stop in many places along the way. These trains offer less comfort but are cheaper. The prices start from €20. Train tickets for all trains can be purchased from the self-service machines or at the ticket office.

Roma Termini Station & Roma Tiburtina Station

Roma Termini station, which is situated in the centre of the city, is Rome's main train station from where most domestic and international trains depart. It can be reached easily from any part of Rome by any kind of public transport. From Termini you can catch trains to Florence throughout the day. Some trains stops at Roma Tiburtina station which is the second train station of Rome.

Some trains also leave from Roma Tiburtina to Florence.making a journey a bit shorter (1 hour 20 minutes). Italo trains depart from Rome's Ostiense station to Florence seven times per days and this trip takes roughly 1 hour 45 minutes. Note that train service may be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Santa Maria Novella train station & Campo di Marte train station

Santa Maria Novella is the heart of Florence, walking distance to all of Florence's major attractions, including the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, and the Accademia, it is especially close to San Lorenzo Church, San Lorenzo Market, the Medici Chapels and the Oficina Profumo. Several budget hotels surround the station with some of the city's best restaurants and bars within five to ten minutes' walk.

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