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Traditional Italian Cookies

Italians are famous for a variety of different cookies and pastries which can be found in every bakery. Here is a guide to the most famous Italian cookies.

Cantuccini (Biscotti)

One of the most famous Italian cookies that can be found in pastry shops are cantuccini also known as biscotti. The word biscotto in Italian means "cooked twice". These hard cookies come in a variety of versions and combinations. They usually consist whole almonds or any other nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios etc. Some have chocolate bites inside or even raisins. Cantuccini are ideal for dipping into a cup of coffee, tea or some dessert wine. Check out our recipe for traditional almond cantuccini.


Amaretti originates from Venice. Amaretti translates as little bitter things are made with egg whites, sugar and ground almonds. The cookies can be chewy or crunchy depending on region. 


Cannoli are tube-shaped pastry shells which are deep-fried and filled with ricotta. These sweets comes from Sicily but are popular throughout Italy. You can find cannoli in many pastry shops in Rome. Cannoli can be filled with plain ricotta as well as with flavoured ricotta - chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut etc.

Brutti ma Buoni

Brutti ma buoni are hazelnut cookies which comes from Prato in central Italy. Their name means "ugly but good" thanks to their not so attractive look. Brutti ma buoni have crispy exterior and chewy center and are indeed very tasty. Follow our proven recipe for these simple Italian cookies and prepare them at home.

Baci di dama cookies

Italians are famous for delicious cookies and baci di dama are among the most favourite ones. These elegant cookies from Piedmont in Italy's north are just what you'd expect from cookies - sweet and delicate.

Baci di dama literally means lady's kisses as they look like two lips holding together a chocolate kiss. We are happy to share with you this original recipe which will show you how to easily make these delicious cookies

Pignoli cookies

What would Italian bakers do without their pine nuts? Pignoli cookies, a staple in southern Italy and Sicily, are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and altogether delicious. The dough is easy to make - almond paste, egg whites, flour and sugar. And don't be looking for a substitute for almond paste; it enhances the flavor and helps the cookies brown easily.

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