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Taste of Trionfale
Rome Food Tour

While in Rome you should definitely join this amazing food tour which will take you to the best food places in the elegant residential area of Prati, situated near the Vatican.

We took part in the tour and enjoy completely while tasting delicious food, listening interesting stories about Italian regional food and enjoying good company.

The guide of our group was friendly girl Raluca who taught us a lot about Italian regional food and cuisines, told us many interesting stories and also revealed some of the secrets of the local life.

Sicilian pasticceria with a variety of amazing sweets
Tasting pesto & cheeses & wines

The meeting point of the tour way a small square in Cipro metro station where our guide greeted us. Once everyone gathered together it was time for a real Italian breakfast so we walked towards typical Sicilian bar & pasticceria.

In this cosy little bar we enjoyed Sicilian cannoli, filled with sweet ricotta cream on the spot, along with espresso or macchiato depending on our wish. Our guide Raluca impressed us by telling how many types of coffee you can order in Italy.

Our next stop was gastro shop where we sampled three types of cheese, authentic pesto genovese sauce on a slice of a bread and 30 years old balsamic vinegar. All this was accompanied by a glass of a white wine.

Our guide shared with us interesting story about balsamic vinegar, taught us how to recognize the best quality Parmigiano Reggiano from Emilia-Romagna region and told us facts about one of the most expensive and desired delicacy in the world - truffles.

Tasting one of the best pizzas in Rome

After delicacies it was time for a street food so we headed to one of the best pizza places in the whole Rome. Their freshly baked pizza is not just a regular pizza but an amazing treat made of light dough and very rich toppings. They offer amazing choice of pizza toppings throughout the day and each one is so tasty. Our favourite toppings were potatoes with rosemary and chickpeas spread with amazingly thin sliced mortadella. 

Then we took a short walk to Rome's largest and most authentic market, the 'Mercato Trionfale'. This colourful and lively market is where local people buy their everyday groceries and food.

You will find here a bunch of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the best Italian prosciutto, a wide variety of salami and other cured meat, a range of Italian cheeses, home-made pasta, spices and of course Italian wines.

Trionfale market in Rome

Our first stop was stand with home-made pasta where we tasted mouth-watering parmigiana di melanzane. Next we moved to stand selling variety of cheese products where we had buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomatoes.

Prosciutto di Parma and prosciutto di Norcia were our next treats along with porchetta - a roasted pig meat filled with spices and herbs. In addition to knowing more about Italian wines, we tasted one red and one white wine from wine stand in Trionfale market.

Now it was time for a seated lunch so we headed to one of the best restaurants in the area - 'Al Giardino del Gatto e la Volpe'.

This family owned restaurant offers simple and healty food made of freshest ingredients. The authentic Italian ambience and friendly hospitaly of the staff made us feel very welcome. First, we enjoyed four cheese gnocchi and ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach topped with tomato sauce. Our favourite dish was calamari fried in a light batter and served still hot. With the dinner we enjoyed superb wines.

At the end of the tour we popped into gelateria, where we enjoyed authentic gelato made of fresh and natural ingredients. This artisanal gelato shop has endless rows of creamy gelatos - classic, non-lactose and even gluten-free. 

It wasn't easy to decide which flavour to choose from as they all looked so tempting. The choice ranged from chocolate, hazelnut, almond, pistachios, coconut, tiramisu, stracciatella, berries to some unusual combinations such as rosemary and chocolate.

This was the end of our tour but only the beginning of exploring the best food places of Rome. If you would like to find out which food venues we visited be sure to join Taste of Trionfale food tour of Rome.

Reasons for booking the
Taste of Trionfale food tour

These food tours are usually organised for small groups of people

This food tour is run by the The Roman Food Tour company. Our guide was Raluca - a friendly, fun and informative girl who made sure that each of the tour's participants had a wonderful time. 

Taste of Trionfale Food Tour will take you to 6 selected food spots - each of them offering delicious Italian regional food. During the tour you will enjoy traditional Italian food including pizza, mozzarella with tomatoes, selection of cheeses, pesto genovese, prosciutto di Parma and prosciutto di Norcia, porchetta, gnocchi and stuffed ravioli, fried calamari, parmigiana di melanzane, Sicilian cannoli and artisanal gelato! The tour starts at 10:30 a.m. and lasts around 4 hours.

Beside this tour, The Roman Food Tour offers other Rome food tours: Prati by sunset food tour, Sunday wine and food tour (historic center) and Colosseum food tour combo.

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