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Where to Try
Sicilian Sweets in Rome

Sicilian cannoli

The island of Sicily is a beautiful place with amazing scenery and unique food and if you have a chance to visit it you should definitely do it. However, if you are visiting Rome and wonder where to taste authentic Sicilian sweets there are numerous places around the city you should visit. 

Taste Sicilian sweets on these food tours

I dolci di Nonna Vincenza

One of the best places, I dolci di Nonna Vincenza Pasticceria is situated near Campo de' Fiori. This cosy place is ideal for having an espresso or cappuccino along with delicious Sicilian pastries, cakes, gelato, granite on offer daily.

The most popular sweet from this pasticceria are famous Sicilian cannoli - fried pastry shell filled with silky ricotta cream. You can choose from small and large size and also from a range of fillings - plain ricotta, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon or pistachio. Another typical Sicilian dessert are minne di Sant'Agata - small round sponge cakes with ricotta cream. You will find here an array of other delicous pastries and cakes traditionally made in Sicily.

In the shop you will find a range of typical Sicilian sweet products waiting for you to take them home. You can choose from sweet spreads (almond or pistachio), almond paste, torrone, croquants (sesame, almond and pistachio), herb liqueurs, olivette di Sant'Agata, hand-made cookies and much more.

Hedera Gelateria & Pasticceria

Hedera Gelateria & Pasticceria, which is situated only a short walk from Saint Peter's Square (another one can be found near Piazza Navona) offers a variety of sweet products. Here you can taste the most delicious artisanal gelato made from the best seasonal ingredients. Beside gelato they produce daily a range of pastries including amazing Sicilian cannoli. They also offer frozen dessert granita which orginates from Sicily. The interior of this place is modern and cosy and the owners are super friendly offering great service.

Don Nino Gelateria & Pasticceria

Don Nino can be found on several location in Rome and the most popular one are those on the Spanish Steps and next to the Trevi Fountain. This place offers the best quality gelato, amazing Sicilian sweets, delicious coffee and savoury delicacies.

When you enter their cute places you will have a hard time when it comes to choosing what to taste. Their products are made from the best quality local ingredients and looks so fresh and tempting. The selection of cakes is wide: from amazing cannoli, macarons, cakes, cheesecake, tiramisu, profiteroles or even pastries such as sfogliatelle. You will love their authentic gelato as ideal treat during the day. Don Nino also offers delicious panini and sandwiches, fresh salads and pinsa made with organic flours. 


If you are looking for authentic Sicilian cannoli you should visit L'involtino on Via dei Gracchi in Prati district. Besides tasty meat and fish involtini in many variations they serve authentic Sicilian cannoli.

They offer three different fillings - plain ricotta, chocolate and pistachio cream (made of the best quality Bronte pistachio). Cannoli are filled on the spot and are the freshest ones. You can eat there or ask friendly staff to wrap them for take away.

Mastro Pistacchio Pasticceria & Gelateria

Just a 10-minute walk from Saint Peter's Square (on Via Aurelia) you will come across Mastro Pistacchio Pasticceria & Gelateria. This cosy place is ideal for a quick breakfast, afternoon coffee break or as a stop for a gelato. They serve a range of coffee drinks and teas.

Mastro Pistacchio offers a range of pastries, cakes and pies and their cannoli are among the best one in Rome. You can choose from two sizes - small and large as well as two flavours - plain ricotta and pistachio. The staff of this pasticceria is very friendly and helpful.

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