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The Best Rome Food Tours

Taste delicious Roman street food, unique pasta dishes, amazing sweets and gelato in the company of local Roman guide

There are so many things to do in Rome that you are often spoilt for choice. While you shouldn't miss the main sights such as the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi or Roman Forum one of the options would be joining a guided food tour.

These tours are led by a local guide who will take you through a number of Rome neighbourhoods to visit the most famous restaurants, coffee shops, gelaterias, food markets and groceries. You will taste some of the delicious food and wines for which Italy is famous. While on food tours you will taste not only dishes from Roman cuisine but also a variety of food from other regions of Italy.

Jewish Ghetto is a specific part of Rome with some traditional restaurants offering Jewish specialities such as carciofi alla Giudia - nice crispy deep fried artichokes and zucchini flowers.

Piazza Campo de' Fiori and nearby streets are filled with many restaurants serving traditional food not only from Italy but also from other parts of Italy. The area is full of pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops and gastro shops.  

Cake shops (pasticcerias) can be found on every corner of the Rome. They offer a wide variety of cakes starting from variety of croissants, donuts, Sicilian cannoli, pies etc. If you are fond of sweets take a dessert tour of the Rome and enjoy the best Italian desserts along the true Italian espresso. 

Most food tours end with an artisanal gelato made of only natural ingredients. Your guide will teach you how to distinguish real gelato from the fake one, and you will never ever be fooled again. You will have a hard time to choose between a numerous gelato tastes on offer.

To explore foodie side of Jewish Ghetto and Campo de' Fiori we suggest you to book very interesting night tour by Food Tours of Rome agency.

If you would like to experience non-touristy Rome you should take a food tour of Prati. This elegant residential area of Rome, situated above Vatican is known for its wide avenues, elegant buildings and modern European charm.

The area has wine bars, live music venues, restaurants and passticerias. In the neighbourhood there is a large market called Trionfale where local people can buy seasonal produce, cured meat and cheeses, pasta and other food products. To explore tasty side of Prati we suggest your to take Taste of Trionfale food tour. This tour will take you to the best restaurants, pizza places, pasticceria, gelaterias and lively Trionfale market.

The Testaccio neighbourhood, typical residential part of Rome, is the place where cucina romana (Roman cuisine) was born. During these tours you will get insight into local people habits of living and eating.

You will visit Testaccio open market and meet vendors who have been there for generations and selling fruits, vegetables, cured meats, cheeses, baked goods.

You'll also sample everything from classic Italian dishes to typical Roman street food snack such as suppli or pizza bianca. Suppli is a rice ball filled with mozzarella and then fried.

Pizza bianca is a just pizza dough sprinkled with salt and olive oil. You will for sure have a seat at one of the cosy tratorias to taste some of typical Roman pastas such as caco e pepe, carbonara or l'amatriciana. Don't skip pizza al taglio meaning pizza by slice from numerous pizza places in the neighbourhood. There is a variety of toppings – from simple one with tomato and mozzarella, prosciutto, salami, mortadella, mushrooms, sliced potatoes, zucchini flowers etc.

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