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Rome Cooking Classes

Your visit to Rome is a great opportunity for advancing your cooking skills while taking part in one of many cooking classes available. This way you will learn culinary secrets of Roman and other regional cuisines. 

You can choose from a variety of cooking classes starting from pasta classes, pizza classes, dessert and gelato classes as well as combination of each of this. Classes are usually hosted by professional chefs or either local Italian women who prepared traditional dishes.

Learning how to make handmade pasta from scratch could be the highlight of your visit to Rome. You will learn how to choose the right flour and knead a perfect pasta dough and then shape it into various pasta shapes known across Italy.

Learn to make orecchiette from south of Italy, tortellini from Bologna or fettuccine typical for Roman cuisine. Once the pasta is ready move on to learn how to prepare the most delicious Italian sauces using the best ingredients from the local markets.

Italian pizza is one of the most popular dishes worldwide and why not to learn how to prepare it from the real Italian pizzaiolo. He will revel the secrets of making the perfect pizza dough, choosing the right toppings and baking it in the real wood-burning oven. These classes are great fun for children as they will enjoy eating pizza after the class.

Rome's Favourite Cooking Classes

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