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Rome Cooking Classes

If you are a foodie and interesting in cooking, a cooking class would be ideal activity for you. Throughout the city of Rome you will find many cooking classes available where you will learn culinary secrets of Roman and regional Italian cuisines. 

These classes usually start with a visit to one of Rome's top markets where local people do their daily market shopping. Local markets are usually full of fresh seasonal products such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheeses, cured meat and other products needed for cooking classes. One of the best markets in Rome is Trionfale market, which is situated a short walk from Vatican.

Once you get a ingredients it's time for you cooking adventure.

Prepare home-made pasta on your own

Learning how to make authentic Italian pasta from scratch could be the highlight of your visit to Rome. You will do it during your cooking class, from mixing the ingredients to kneading the dough, rolling it and shaping it to variety of shapes.

The real Italian chef will lead you through the process. This will be easy for both adults and children, so the whole family can join such classes. Chef will teach you tricks for cooking the perfect pasta. The highlight of you evening will be tasting what you have prepared. You will finish your dinner with dessert and digestive, just as the Romans do.

Learn to make a pizza in Rome

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes, eaten worldwide and it is a great fun making it with family and friends. So why not to learn how to make the perfect pizza. Pizza is usually prepared in wood-burning oven and here you will learn how to fire up the oven and how to use tools to get pizza ina and out.

Now it's time to learn the secrets of making the perfect pizza dough. During these classes you will find out recipes which is used for generations. While pizza dough rises, you will prepare your prefered toppings which can be classic such as Capricciosa or even the one with thin sliced potatoes.

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