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Italian Snack & Appetizer Recipes

Italians are expert in some of the most delicious snack foods around the world. Their snack food comes in different shapes and flavours and Italians enjoy them throughout the day. Italian snacks can include anything from olives and crisps, mini pizza bites, bruschette, grissini and many other things. 

The most popular Italian snack is for sure pizza which is enjoyed throughout the world. It comes in a variety of versions and toppings. Italians are imaginative when it comes to pizza toppings. There is basic pizza margherita with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. You can find also pizza with pesto and cheese on the top. There is also pizza with tomato slices and sprinkled with rosemary.

Italian throughout the day eat snacks from their snack bars. It can be suppli - rise balls, pizza, croquettes, some panini with proscuitto or ham.

Our collection of Italian snack recipes is full of delicious ideas, whether you're looking to discover more traditional food or simply something modern.


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