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Italian Pasta Recipes

Pasta dishes perfectly fulfil the requirements of an opening course - to give family and friends an immediate feeling of well-being, to delight the eye and excite the palate.

Italian love pasta with fish and seafood and they serve macaroni with shrimps or calamares, lasagne with smoked fish, pasta shells with mussels, spaghetti with smoked salmon or with anchovies and tuna, vermicelli with clams - these are combinations that brings the flavours of Mediterranean on the table.

Some of the most popular pasta dishes are ones that bring together long strands of pasta cooked al dente, and a rich, hearty sauce including beef or lamb, chicken or ham. Spaghetti Bolognese needs no introduction, and yet it is said that there are almost as many versions of this delicious regional dish as there are lovers of Italian food.

Layered pasta dishes that are served in slices, wedges or squares are perfect standbys for parties and picnics, buffet meals or informal family occasions. Our selection included creamy lasagna and an aubergine and pasta cake. These dishes will all make worthy additions to your repertoire of baked pasta favourites.

Check out our collection of proven pasta recipes and prepare authentic spaghetti carbonara, tagliatelle alla bolognese or popular lasagne. 

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