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Italian Pasta & Gnocchi

Homemade pasta is an Italian culinary tradition. Preparing fresh pasta requires time, attention and patience to obtain a pasta that has the right consistency, a pleasant roughness and pefect cooking. The latter are fundamental requirements that distinguish and characterize a good homemade pasta dish.

Tagliatelle, lasagne, ravioli, orecchiette or maccheroni, if homemade, are much tastier! And, preparing them is not so difficult. In Italy the preparation of fresh homemade pasta changes from North to South.

In the sunny and breezy villages in central and south Italy, the dough is made of water and durum wheat semolina from which is made: maccheroni, orecchiette, civatelli, bucatini, trofie and many other formats. In northern regions, there the climate is more humid pasta is generally prepared at home with soft wheat flour and eggs.

Some of the most popular pasta dishes are ones that bring together long strands of pasta cooked al dente, and a rich, hearty sauce including beef or lamb, chicken or ham. Spaghetti Bolognese needs no introduction, and yet it is said that there are almost as many versions of this delicious regional dish as there are lovers of Italian food.

Layered pasta dishes that are served in slices, wedges or squares are perfect standbys for parties and picnics, buffet meals or informal family occasions. Our selection included creamy lasagna and an aubergine and pasta cake. These dishes will all make worthy additions to your repertoire of baked pasta favourites.

Gnocchi are small soft dough dumplings made from potatoes, flour and egg. They are great with meat sauces but butter and cream-based sauces work well too. In Italy, gnocchi are usually served after appetizers as a first course, instead of pasta. And they're followed by a meat and vegetable course. However, gnocchi can just as easily be served as a main course, followed by a light green salad.

Check out our collection of proven pasta and gnocchi recipes that we love to prepare at home.


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