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Italian Olive Oils

Italian olive oils are among the best quality olive oils in the world. They are produced throughout Italy. Olive oils from each Italian region have its specific taste, scent and colour. We would like to present you the best olive oils of Italy which you can use when preparing your food. Olive oils should have a stamp of excellence D.O.P. (protected designation of origin). Every D.O.P. bottle should be numbered, with a recommended deadline date for consumption.

Umbrian olive oils

Umbria is the region situated east of Tuscany and west of Le March region. This region produces some of the best olive oils in Italy. The region of Umbria has hilly terrain and great climate for growing olives.

Umbria's olive oils are made from the olives of the Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Agogia and Raggiola varieties. The oils tend to have an artichoke and green tomato aroma, and sometimes have the peppery taste of Tuscan oils. Many of the Umbrian oils have a fruity flavour.

Il Fontanaro olive oil

We recommend olive oil from Il Fontanaro estate, situated in Paciano. This estate produce quality olive oil from their own olive groves. The oil is produced in their own olive mil run by solar energy and by following old traditional way.

The owners, Pinelli family are proud of their extra virgin olive oil which is among the best one in Italy.

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