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Italian Gluten-free Desserts

There are another type of flours you can use for baking - almond, hazelnut, coconut, oat and others. It's time to make some gluten-free Italian desserts.

There are a lot of traditional Italian desserts that just so happen to be gluten-free.

Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese, the famous dessert of the island of Capri is made from almond meal, butter, chocolate and sugar. But as far as chocolate cakes go, this cake is the ultimate for us. It's dark and not too sweet, which would detract from the richness of the cake. It has the simplicity of Italian country cakes, but an elegance that is unique. As there is no flour in the recipe, it is an ideal choice as gluten-free dessert. Find out how to make this rich chocolate cake by following our recipe.

Brutti ma buoni

If you are looking for gluten-free cookies, then brutti ma buoni would be your choice. These chewy cookies don't contain any flour but only egg whites, sugar and hazelnuts. You will be amazed how easy these cookies are prepared. Brutti ma buoni are ideal with cup of tea or coffee. Find our easy-to-follow recipe for brutti ma buoni here.


One of the most easier made from chestnut flour are necci pancakes. If you are after something sweet but healthy and easy to make, prepare this traditional Italian sweet. You will be amazed how easy necci can be made. Just make a simple chestnut flour batter and fry thin pancakes with a real autumnal taste. Follow our simple recipe for preparing necci.

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