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Italian Dessert Recipes

Zuppa IngleseZuppa Inglese
Baci di dama cookiesBaci di dama

Italians are masters at desserts and they enjoy them throughout the day starting from breakfast all the way to the evening.

Italian desserts are mostly simple, however, they are made from the best ingredients such as fresh eggs, cream cheeses mascarpone and ricotta, tasty hazelnuts and pistachios, rich dark chocolate and fresh seasonal or dried fruits.

Various herbal liqueurs have a special role in the desserts because they give certain tastes to the desserts, so, for instance, Amaretto liqueur provides the taste of almonds whilst Limoncello provides the refreshing taste of lemons.

We are great fans of Italian desserts and their diversity, and we are always looking for traditional as well as modern Italian recipes. Here you can find interesting authentic recipes for creamy desserts such as the classic tiramisu, panna cotta or perhaps the uncommon zuppa Inglese.

For those special occasions make some of the most elegant cakes such as torta Caprese with chocolate and almonds or torta della Nonna with the taste of crema pasticcera and pine-nuts.

A special experience is the preparation of rustic Italian desserts that include castagnaccio which is prepared from sweet chestnut flour or pastiera Napoletana – a traditional Easter cake.

Here you can find a selection of recipes for interesting cookies such as baci di dama, cassatelle di Agira and the popular cantuccini. They are worldwide known dry Italian biscuits which go excellently with tea or coffee. We also have interesting collection of recipes with chestnut flour.

Likewise, try preparing fried sweets, popular throughout Italy at carnival time, such as castagnole, crostoli, ciambelle and struffoli. Sicily is famous for its colourful desserts and one of the best-known are cannoli – a crispy fried pastry filled with creme of ricotta. Joining cannoli are also cassata, Genovesi ericine and the frozen dessert granita which comes in different flavours.

To enjoy these wonderful Italian desserts prepare them at home following our selected and proven recipes!

Castagnaccio - chestnut flour cake
Castagnole - typical Carnival sweets from ItalyCastagnole - typical Carnival sweets from Italy



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