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Italian Dessert Recipes

In Italy no meal is considered complete without strong coffee and something sweet - or 'dolce' as Italians say. Italian desserts are often centered around specific flavour such as coffee, dark chocolate and alcohol, although milk and cream are also used in a variety of forms.

Torta Caprese - made of chocolate and almonds
Chestnut flour cookies

Italian desserts are mostly simple and easy to prepare but you will need the most quality ingredients such as chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, dried fruits etc. Desserts are usually flavoured with herb liqueurs such as limoncelloamarettoalchermes and others.

Here you will find a choice of interesting Italian dessert recipes, both authentic ones and some our own. Choose from sweet Italian cookies mostly made from nuts and chocolate, creamy desserts such as tiramisu or zuppa inglese, to variety of tarts. Italy is famous for frozen desserts such as gelatosemifredo or granita

Castagnole - traditional Venetian dessertCastagnole - traditional Venetian dessert

During carnival time try to make some fried Italian desserts like castagnole or zeppole which can be plain or filled with custard cream. You will find here recipes for some basics such as custard cream (crema passticera). Make little experiment with ingredients we don't use on a daily basis such as chestnut flour and make chestnut cake called castagnaccio or pancakes - necci.

Castagnaccio - chestnut flour cakeCastagnaccio - chestnut flour cake

Each of Italian city or village have their own cookies made everyday and for special occasions. One of the most popular cookies are cantuccini - dry almond cookies originated from city of Prato. They are perfect for dipping into a mug of hot cocoa, wine or a coffee. Thanks to their crisp texture, they last for several weeks.

Baci di dama cookiesBaci di dama cookies


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