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Italian Cooking Tours

If you are a true lover of Italian cuisine and would like to learn how to prepare the perfect Italian meal then you should take part in one of the many Italian cooking tours. You are sure to have a great time learning how to roll pasta or make a real Italian thin-crust pizza.

Such cooking tours are available in almost every corner of Italy - from the capital city of Rome, across the green region of Tuscany or even in the picturesque villages of the island of Sicily.

Depending on your interest, you can choose from tours where you will learn to prepare a full Italian meal (from the appetizer to dessert), and tours where they will teach you how to make authentic Italian pizza or even gelato.

These cooking tours usually take place in a fully-equipped kitchen and all you have to do is turn up with an appetite and a willingness to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine.

Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch

On these tours you can learn how to make homemade Italian pasta in the old-fashioned way, usng a rolling pin and board. From just a few ingredients such as flour, eggs, salt and olive oil you will make the best ever pasta.

In addition, you will learn to prepare basic Italian sauces made from the best local ingredients. The most popular sauces pesto alla genovese, ragu alla bolognese and amatriciana are simply delicious.

Selection of pasta classes in Italy

Have a fun while creating your own pizza

A pizza making tour is a unique experience for people of all ages. You will learn how to make the perfect pizza dough, prepare a light tomato sauce and also how to select the best toppings for your own pizza.

A typical Italian pizza usually has a thin crust covered with various toppings. The basic pizza is a Margherita topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. Regional varieties are always worth trying such as pizza Marinara topped with oregano, anchovies and lots of garlic, Pizza Capricciosa with mushrooms, prosciutto, artichoke hearts and olives, and pizza Pugliese with capers and olives.

Selection of pizza classes in Italy

Find out secrets of making Italian desserts & gelato

On gelato making tours you will have the opportunity to customize and create clasic Italian gelato with your own favourite flavours. Choose from fresh fruits, pistachios, dark chocolate or nuts. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll be interested in learning how to make some of the popular Italian desserts such as tiramisu, crostata, cannoli or some delicious cookies.

Everything on these tours is made from scratch, and your chef will help you every step of the way. Once everything is finished, you will sit down together at the table and enjoy your tasty meal with a glass of excellent local wine. You will be given the recipes, so you can impress your dinner guests when you get back home. 

Whichever tour you take we are sure it will be the best part of your Italian holiday.

Selection of dessert & gelato making tours

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