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Italian Cooking Holidays

Taking a part in a cooking holidays is a great way to get to know Italian way of life, its people, food and local customs. You will be staying at one of the farmhouses surrounded by nature.

First you will head into garden to collect the ingredients for you cooking, stop at the chicken coop to pick up the fresh eggs. Now it's time to put your apron on and start preparing delicious pasta of various shapes, sauces and other delicacies. At the end of the day you will sit around the table with your cooking companions and enjoy prepared food and wines.

Such cooking holidays are available throughout Italy and you can choose from many of them. Cooking holidays are ideal for everyone who like cooking and enjoying delicious food, even for families with children. They will be happy with learning how to make their own wood-oven pizza with their favourite toppings.

Cooking holidays in Tuscany

The region of Tuscany is among the most popular destinations for cooking holidays. It is known for rustic and delicious food, rich culture and stunning landscapes. You will be staying at local farmhouse or villa set between olive groves, vineyards and woodlands. Besides cooking you will be visiting local wine and olive oil producers. You will be sightseeing historic towns of Arezzo, Siena and others.

Cooking holidays in Umbria

The green heart of Italy, Umbria is an ideal place for you Italian cooking holidays. This region represent the true idea of Italy with its olive groves, vineyards, little historical towns and peaceful life.

Umbrian capital is Perugia, known for production of chocolate. There is a Chocolate museum in the city where you can see the process of converting cocoa into chocolate. Next to Perugia, there is Deruta which if famous for production of decorative ceramics. In the region you can visit the mystical city of Assisi, a beautiful medieval town - the place of birth of St Francis. Other activities you can participate in this region are wine tasting or olive oil tasting.

We recommend:

Il Fontanaro Organic FarmhouseIl Fontanaro Organic Farmhouse

On the border of Umbria and Tuscany you will find amazing place called Il Fontanaro. This farmhouse is a paradise owned by Pinelli family where they greet people, learn them how to cook Italian way and host them in the warm Italian manner.

Their cooking classes will leave you pleased as you will prepare the most delicious pasta, sauces, and other regional dishes. If you are in search to complete relaxation book a cooking holiday and stay at their amazing luxury villas.

Cooking holidays in Le Marche

This region of central Italy is one of the best destinations to head for authentic cooking holiday. The region consist of beautiful Adriatic sea and inland. Most villages and towns host a weekly market where local producers offer fresh food.

The typical rustic tastes of the hinterland can be identified in meat dishes made of pig and lamb as well as dishes created around truffles and mushrooms. On the coast sea-food dishes dominate. The most common dish is brodetto - a fish soup containing more than 14 fish species. The most famous dessert are ciambelloto don i funghetti all'anice, cicerchiata and fried ravioli stuffed with chestnuts, cream and ricotta cheese.

Cooking holidays in Puglia

Heading to the south there is a region of Puglia, ideal for discovering true Italy. This coastal region in south-eastern Italy is also known as the heel of Italy. Besides cooking you will discover olive groves and whitewashed trulli houses. You will visit the sights of Puglia, Baroque churches and 13th century castles.

Cooking holidays in Sicily

Sicily is an ideal destination for cooking holidays. This island situated in the middle of the Mediterannean has amazing local cuisine and well-known historical sites, such as Siracusa's Greek Theatre and the baroque towns of Not and Ragusa. Sicilian cookery is very much embedded in the history of the islands. Various civilizations - Greek, Roman, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and British have left their mark. From a gastronomic point of view, the influence of these invaders is still very much in evidence today. In your cooking classes you will learn how to prepare authentic Sicilian dishes such as pasta con sarde and cassata.

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