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Italian Cooking Classes -
Learn How to Cook Like an Italian

If you love cooking and would like to explore delights of Italian cuisine choose one of many cooking classes available throughout the Italy. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves since you will learn how to prepare some of the iconic dishes of regional Italian cuisines.

Italian cooking classes are ideal choice for everyone- from solo travellers which will enjoy a great company there, couples which will have a fun or even families with children as even the youngest will be given job to do. Depending on your interest you can choose from a variety of cooking classes - from pasta making classes, pizza making classes, classes that include preparation of whole menu as well as dessert or gelato classes.

Taking part in one of Italian cooking classes is an ideal opportunity to reveal secrets from real Italian chef as he will teach you how to choose the best cooking ingredients and show you the most useful cooking techniques for preparing authentic Italian dishes.

Your Italian adventure could became more fun if you join one of many pasta making classes throughout the Italy. This is perfect opportunity for you to find out secrets of pasta making from the first hand. These classes are held either in a cosy atmosphere of local Italian home or in a professional kitchen.

Making pasta may seem tricky but once you learn it you will be amazed how easy it can be done. During the class you will learn all secrets of making great pasta - from choosing the right flour, making pasta dough, shaping it to different shapes (fettuccine, ravioli, bucatini, pappardelle, tagliattele) to cooking it properly so it's not overcooked.

Everybody loves pizza but we wonder if you know how to prepare authentic Italian pizza. While in Italy you have a chance for learn this while taking part in one of many pizza making classes. The real Italian pizzaiolo will teach you how to choose right ingredients and make perfect pizza dough from scratch.

Italian are really imaginative when it comes to pizza toppings. Beside basic tomato sauce they top pizza with different combination of ingredients such as mozzarella, prosciutto, salami, mushrooms, zucchini and zuccini flowers, cherry tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, potatoes, anchovies etc. Finally, you will see process of baking the pizza in real wood oven. In only a few minutes a pizza created by yourself will be ready for tasting.

Along the making pasta you will also learn how to prepare some of the best pasta sauces made of fresh seasonal ingredients. The most popular Italian sauces are simple tomato sauce, pesto genovese, bolognese sauce.

Cooking classes in Italian capital - Rome

Once you are tired of exploring historical sights of Rome it's time to learn how to cook Italian way. Choose one of many cooking classes available and learn how to make home-made fettuccine, meat ragu sauce or classic Italian dessert tiramisu. Throughout the Rome you will find a variety of classes available. The best part of this cooking experience will be enjoying prepared food at the end in a company of friendly hosts and your cooking companions.

Cooking classes in the green heart of Italy - Umbria

Learning how to prepare Italian regional dishes directly from the locals is an unique experience. For such cooking adventure one of the best places is region of Umbria, situated in the very centre of Italy. In the area you will find numerous farmhouses that live authentic Italian way of life, producing organic fruits and vegetables, olives, grapes, spices such as saffron etc. They usually offer holiday accommodation along cooking classes. If you are staying in Rome this is ideal destination for a day trip. This area has good train connection with Rome. Otherwise, you can rent a car and drive here.

We recommend:

Beautiful Tuscany - cooking & having fun

The region of Tuscany is all about food and wines. This is the place you should come to learn how to prepare authentic Italian regional food. Some of regional dishes from this region are arista alla Fiorentina, Tuscan bean soup or popular dessert - tiramisu.

Italian cooking classes - Liguria

While in Liguria don't miss opportunity to learn how to make traditional Genovese pesto sauce made of fresh aromatic basil and virgin olive oil. One of the popular dishes coming from Campania region is parmigiana di melanzane made of aubergines, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. 

Italian cooking clases in Emilia Romagna

Visit Emilia Romagna region to learn preparing famous Bolognese sauce which is eaten with different kind of pasta. Popular dessert Zuppa Inglese with savoiardi biscotti and custard cream also originate from this region.

Italian cooking classes - Venice

Venice is not only a city of bridges and amazing architecture. It is also a place where you can taste simple and delicious Venetian food. Take part in a cooking class to prepare typical dishes such as cicchetti, sarde in saor or tiramisu. When booking a cooking class in Venice some of the dishes that you will prepare would be fegato alla veneziana or one of many Venetian desserts such as pinza Veneta or tiramisu.

Italian cooking classes - Sicily

If you would like to explore delicious Sicilian cuisine which is made of seasonal vegetables and fish, take part in one of cooking classes available throughout the island. You will learn how to prepare caponata (eggplant dish), involtini di pesce spada (swordfish rolls), arancini (deep fried rice balls) or maybe typical Sicilian dessert cassata made with creamy ricotta cheese, candied fruit and chocolate chips.

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