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Italian Cooking Classes

If you love cooking and would like to explore the delights of Italian cuisine choose one of many cooking classes available throughout Italy. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves since you will learn how to prepare some of the iconic dishes of regional Italian cuisines.

Italian cooking classes are an ideal choice for everyone - solo travellers, couples, groups of friends or families with children as even the youngest ones will be given a job to do. Depending on your interest you can choose from a variety of options - pasta classes, pizza classes, dessert or gelato classes as well as a combination of them.

While attending one of the pasta classes you will find out the secrets of pasta making from first hand. Making fresh pasta may seem tricky but once you become familiar with it you will be amazed at how easy it is.

You will learn the secrets of choosing the best flour for making fresh pasta and the kneading technique for the perfect pasta dough. The most fun part of this adventure will be learning to shape the dough into a variety of pasta shapes using just your hands or a rolling pin.

Once the pasta is ready, you will be also taught how to cook it properly as well as how to pair it with different pasta sauces prepared throughout Italy - from a basic tomato and basil sauce, a hearty Bolognese sauce or maybe a basil-based pesto Genovese sauce.

Besides pasta Italian cuisine also offers a variety of dishes based on meat and fish, seasonal vegetables, cheeses, extra virgin olive oils and a variety of aromatic herbs. Learn to prepare some of the most famous Italian dishes - saltimbocca alla romana, parmigiana di melanzane or traditional Venetian snacks - cicchetti.

Everybody loves pizza but we wonder if you know how to prepare an authentic Italian pizza. While on holidays in Italy you have a chance for learn this from a real Italian "pizzaiolo" who will show you how to knead the perfect dough, choose the right toppings and how to bake pizza in a real wood-fired oven.  

Italian desserts are so simple but tempting and are a very important part of their cuisine. While attending cooking classes you will learn how to prepare some of the most common desserts such as tiramisu, torta della nonna, crunchy biscotti or even authentic Sicilian cannolo from professionals.

In the end, you will enjoy delicious food prepared during the class along with a glass of wine and in pleasant company. You will also get proven recipes to amaze your family and friends at home.

When visiting Italy be sure to attend one of many cooking classes available throughout the country - from the capital city of Rome, across the green hills of Umbria, in the countryside of beautiful Tuscany or on the colourful island of Sardinia. You can find our recommendations for the best cooking classes in Italy below.


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