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Italian Carnival Sweets

Throughout Italy, Carnival time is an occasion for sweet pastries. Each Italian region has produced its own variation of dolci di Carnevale - Carnival sweets.

They can be classified into two broad categories, depending if they're made with rolled out dough or batter. In the first category we will find chiacchiere, crostoli, bugi, frappe while in the second category features graffe, fritole and castagnole.

The most typical Carnival dessert from Italy, is the one which can be found pretty much in every Italian region with different names: galani, frappe, chiacchiere or crostoli. It's made from a thin sheet of dough, with flour, sugar, butter and eggs. The dough is rolled out and then fried in hot oil and finaly dusted with icing sugar.

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Frìtole or frittelle are another kind of Carnival sweets in Italy. You will find many variations of these sweet but all are made of dough with yeast which is fried. One of the most popular are frìtole veneziane enriched with raisins and pine nuts. 

Castagnole got the name after Italian word for chestnut and are made from simple dough of flour, eggs and milk. These sweets can be plain or filled with chocolate, pastry cream, ricotta etc. We have a selection of recipes for castagnole: classic castagnole, ricotta castagnole, chestnut flour castagnole and butternut squash castagnole.

Another dessert comes from Naples and the south of Italy in general - struffoli, fried dough balls covered with honey and coloured sugar.


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