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Homemade Malloreddus Pasta

Malloreddus are pasta originated from the island of Sardinia. The shape of the pasta is similar to cavatelli, but the dough is made from durum semolina and water instead of regular flour.

Usually, saffron is added to the dough which gives a subtle flavour and bright yellow colour to the pasta. Malloreddus, known also ad gnocchi sardi, is typically served with a heavy tomato sauce with meat or a simple tomato sauce or butter and pecorino. These pasta is really easy to make. All you need to make these is a little gnocchi board.

Preparing homemade malloreddus pasta is very simple but rewarding as you will get delicious fresh pasta which goes well with any kind of sauce. 

Semolina is a coarse pale-yellow flour ground from hard durum wheat and used to make traditional pasta. It can also be used to make pizza, bread and biscuit doughs as well as gnocchi. To make this kind of pasta you will need a gnocchi board which helps you to shape malloreddus pasta.

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Malloreddus Pasta


  • 100 g remilled durum wheat semolina 
  • 50 g warm water
  • 1 pinch of salt


  1. Place the semolina with a salt in a medium bowl.

  2. Pour the water into the semolina and work everything together until you form a ball. 

  3. Knead the dough no more then 3-5 minutes or until you get a soft ball. Be sure not to overknead the dough.

  4. Make sure your work space is clean when you start to create your shapes. Take a piece of dough and roll into a thin snake. Wrap the rest of the dough into a plastic wrap. 

  5. Cut off bits of dough about the size of your thumbnail. Using your thumb, roll each bit off a gnocchi board. Set each pasta on a baking sheet dusted with a little bit of flour. Repeat with the rest of the dough. Place all pasta on the drying pasta rack until ready to cook.

  6. When the pasta is done, get a large pot of water boiling. Add enough salt to make the water taste salty. Boil pasta until it floats, then for 1 minute more.

  7. To serve, put a little of the sauce in a big bowl and add all the pasta. Toss to combine. Serve with a little more sauce on top, garnished with grated cheese.

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