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Great Places to Eat in Rome

Wherever you look in Rome you will see some food spot but to find places with really quality food you will have to make some effort. Restaurants in Rome don't serve only traditional Roman food but also food from other Italian regions. We are in constant search for great restaurants, pizzerias, gelaterias, cake shops and other food spots in Rome. Here are some of places we worth visiting as they serve superb food.

Prati district


This homely restaurant is situated on Via dei Gracchi in Prati district and is a place where local people come to eat so you can be sure that the food is excellent. The staff is extremely attentive and the food is delicious. Here you can taste delicious spaghetti alla carbonara or rich tagliatelle alla bolognese, saltimbocca alla romana or even great steak served with potatoes.


This modern restaurant is situated in Via Fabio Massimo. If offers a range of dishes starting from suppli, pasta and fish dishes. They serve even hamburgers which comes with Roscioli's buns and served with crispy potatoe chips.

For dessert you can choose from several options including tiramisu, chocolate lava cake or gelato.


Pinsa Mpo is a great small place situated only a short walk from Vatican Museums, in Via dei Gracchi 7. This cosy place is a great stop for a quick lunch or dinner. At this place they offer traditional Roman food "pinsa" ( a dish similar to pizza) with a range of toppings (cost of each is around €5).

Pinsas are already prepared and once you choose it's baked in only 3 minutes. They also offer potatoe croquettes, arancini and suppli. Beside the food you can order drinks there (sodas, beer). There are several places for sitting there or you can take away. One of the reason you will be back is the staff of this place which are so friendly and make a great atmosphere.


This small snack bar, situated in Via dei Gracchi 28, serves traditional Sicilian street food and sweets. Their speciality are involtini - the baked rolls made of fish & meat in combination with other ingredients (different kind of cheeses, aubergines, ham, dried tomatoes, pistachios, cappers, almonds, pinoli, fresh herbs etc). One portion of involtini which contains 5 pieces and some side dish (green vegetables, chips and bruschette)  costs €7.

They prepare also other food like different kind of pasta and panini sandwiches. For those in love with sweet things there are authentic Sicilian cannoli which are freshly filled and so amazing you will come for more. They offer three different fillings - plain ricotta, pistachio and chocolate (made of Modica chocolate). Here you can also buy some traditional Sicilian liqueurs. Be sure to visit this cute place and try some of their amazing Sicilian delicacies.


If you are looking for a delicious pizza in Rome you should head to Prati district where this pizza place is situated. Pizzarium offers a huge variety of pizza toppings, changing throughout the day. Their pizza dough is crispy and light and topping are very generous. We tasted pizza with chickpeas spread and mortadella, pizza with tomatoes and rosemary and some kind of mortadella sandwich.


This place is ideal stop for having artisanal gelato or some sweet pastry. Their offer several gelato flavours such as chocolate, cream, pistachio and some fruit depending on a season. This is a place where you can also have an espresso. Additional plus of this gelato shop are the friendliest and sympatic owners. Hedera is situated near the Saint Peter's Square in Via Borgo Pio.

Centro storico


This great place is situated only few steps from Piazza di Spagna in central Rome. It has large inside area with numerous tables as well as outside area which is directly on the street. They offer large selection of gourmet sandwiches, cold cuts and cheeses, fruit salades, smoothies, pasta dishes and other tasty food.

We tasted delicious sandwiches made of fresh paninos, ham and grilled courgettes. This was great combination and sandwiches were large - enough for a lunch. Ginger is a pleasant place to have a meal after exploring Rome but note that it's very popular and sometimes you will need to queue for a while to get in.


If you would like to taste traditional Sicilian sweets you should head to I dolci di Nonna Vincenza passticeria. You can find them in several Italian cities including Rome. At these pasticcerias you will find a wide range of quality desserts such as cannoli, cassata, minne di St' Agata, pies, biscuits, granita, gelato. They also serve espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and some liqueurs. Their speciality are cannoli which comes in small and big size. You can choose from different flavours such as pistachio, almond, hazelnut, almond, lemon, orange or ricotta cream.

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