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Grano & Farina Cooking School
Trastevere - Rome

The Grano & Farina Cooking School offers you

  • Fun and relaxing atmosphere
  • Cooking classes available in English, French & Italian
  • Professional hands-on cooking classes in small groups

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Grano & Farina Cooking School in Rome

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The Grano & Farina Cooking School is an amazing place for improving your culinary skills while in Rome. This school is run by two professionals - Chef Pino and Sfoglina Julia who will do the most to make you feel like at home. Both of them are so warm and friendly but also extremely professional in teaching the secrets of Italian cuisine and beyond. The Grano & Farina Cooking School is situated in the charming neighbourhood of Trastevere and is easily reachable either on foot or by bus from any other part of Rome.

At the Grano & Farina Cooking School they offer a variety of culinary classes which are held for small groups (max 6 people). If you would like to work one-to-one with Chef Pino or Sfoglina Julia, then a private cooking class is the right choice for you. They also offer culinary packages which include several classes saving you money. All cooking classes can be taught in three different languages - English, French and Italian. For all cooking classes you will receive the recipes of all dishes made during the class so you can easily make them at home.

If you want to have an authentic pasta making experience, we highly recommend pasta by hand classes at Grano & Farina. Sfoglina Julia will teach you how to prepare homemade pasta from scratch. You will learn how to choose the right flour, knead the perfect pasta dough (eggless or egg-based) and shape it into different shapes by hand or using only traditional utensils like a rolling pin.

Choose from a variety of pasta by hand classes and find out how to make a variety of pastas ranging from short shapes, long flat shapes or even filled pasta. You can also be taught to make some of unusual pastas such as pizzoccheri originated from Lombardy or corzetti pasta from Liguria.

During each pasta class you will also participate in preparing delicious pasta sauces from the best seasonal ingredients coming from the local producers. Knowledgeable Chef Pino is the right person for teaching you how to combine ingredients to make a simple tomato and basil sauce, a meat based Bolognese sauce or even a raw pesto sauce, each of them from the best local ingredients.

Chef Pino will also teach you how to prepare a creamy Italian risotto or the secrets of preparing Neapolitan-style pizza at home. He is also an expert in baking breads and will show you all the steps required to make authentic French baguettes, focaccia and other baked goods.

For those who have a sweet tooth, there are interesting pastry classes available at the Grano & Farina Cooking School. Learn how to prepare some of the iconic Italian desserts such as tiramisu or Zuppa Inglese, traditional Italian pies or pastry puffs popular throughout Italy

In the French desserts class you will learn how to make some of the desserts that you might see on a typical brasserie menu - creme brulée, mousse au chocolate, madeleines or even colourful macarons. One of the classes is dedicated to sweet breakfast treats - cornetto and croissant. Find out how to prepare both flaky sweets and what the difference is between them. For chocolate lovers there is a special class in which you will learn how to melt, temper and mould dark chocolate, to prepare silky ganache and create delicious chocolate truffles.

At Grano & Farina they also organise olive oil tastings in which master oil sommelier Johnny Madge will teach you everything you need to know about this amazing food product. You will taste 6 different Italian olive oils while enjoying Chef Pino's focaccia and other amazing snacks.  Beside the best quality Italian olive oils, in their classes they also use the best organic products from the local growers and in that way they support the regional economy and promote traditional Italian food culture.

Cooking classes at the Grano & Farina Cooking School are a true culinary adventure that you will remember for a long time so be sure to book one of them while spending your holiday in Rome

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