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Visiting FICO Eataly World Bologna

Panettone is a traditional sweet bread eaten for Christmas in ItalyPanettone is a traditional sweet bread eaten for Christmas in Italy

FICO Eataly World Bologna is newly-opened food theme park near Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna region.

This amazing place celebrates all aspects of Italian food, from the growing, harvesting to processing to some of the best Italian delicacies. This place is ideal for discovering Italian agriculture by visiting 2 hectares of open-air fields and stables housing more than 200 animals and 2000 cultivars.

There are also 40 farming factories where you can see how meat, fish, cheese, pasta, olive oil, beer, sweets are processed. FICO stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina meaning Italian Agricultural Factory.

Withing the FICO Eataly World there are around 40 establishments offering authentic Italian food so you can taste the best Italian pasta dishes, pizza, prosciutto and cheese, a range of salami, mortadella, bread and pastries, gelato, honey etc. You will have a hard time to choose where to eat as the choice is really huge.

Visitors of Eataly World can attend classes on topics ranging from pasta or cheese making, making authentic bread dough, producing the high-quality wines and olive oils or even truffle hunting. There are also classes on gardening, brewing beers and meat production. As the park is huge visitors can ride around on one of the free bikes, complete with shopping baskets and refrigerated compartment.

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A range of food products is on offer on Gran BazarA range of food products is on offer on Gran Bazar
Italian prosciuttos and other cured meatA huge choice of Italian prosciutto and other cured meat
Citrus grove in FICO Eataly WorldCitrus grove in FICO Eataly World

Visitors can see 6 multimedia carousels dedicated to man's interaction with food and nature: Man and Fire, Man and Earth, Man and Sea, Man and Animals, Man: from Soil to Bottle and Man and Future.

You will have a great time while wondering Gran Bazar - a marketplace featuring Italian food products from all over Italy as well as bakeries and chocolate shops and Italian home and kitchenware. A wine bottega dedicated to the top 52 Italian wine-makers, a brewpub and a cocktail bar featuring only Italian liquors and ingredients.

Pasta offer in Gran BazarPasta offer in Gran Bazar
Wine bottega offers wines from 52 Italian winemakersWine bottega offers wines from 52 Italian winemakers

Getting to FICO Eataly World

Eataly World is a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. You can visit this interesting place on a day trip from any destination in Italy. From Florence the train journey to Bologna takes only 30 minutes while from Rome you will need around 2 hours.

Reaching Eataly World from the city of Bologna is very easy. There is a FICO shuttle bus that runs from Bologna Centrale - main train station and stops on several stops along the town until it reaches FICO Eataly (Via Paolo Canali 8, 40127 Bologna). It runs throughout the day in both directions. The cost of one-way ticket is €5 while round-ticket is €7. You can also take a local taxi which will cost around €20 from the city.

Staying near FICO Eataly World

4* Savhotel on Via Parri is ideal choice when visiting Eataly World Bologna. This modern hotel is situated in the safe and quiet area outside the historic center of Bologna. The rooms of the hotel are modern and spacious and the buffet breakfast is great with a huge choice of freshly prepared food and drinks.

Hotel's restaurant NeroArancio is open for dinner and serves delicious local dishes as well as the best Italian wines. They also have an excellent room service.

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