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Ferries from Naples

Useful info about taking a ferry from Naples to Gulf of Naples & Sicily & Sardinia

Naples is connected by ferry service to many ports on the islands. From there you can take ferries to the islands of bay of Naples - Ischia, Procida and Capri.

Each island is a popular summer tourist destination. There are also ferries between Naples and Aeolian islands near Sicily, to Pontine islands as well as ferries to Sorrento peninsula. 

Service range from fast hydrofoils to slow car ferries with prices that range correspondingly. Ferries depart from two ports in Naples: Molo Beverello and Mergellina. Beverello is the main port for ferries and it is easy to reach it from the main Naples train station - Stazione centrale and from Naples airport. If you are travelling from the direction of Rome it may be easier to take the Eurostar train which stops at Mergellina.

Naples to Ischia & Procida & Capri

From Naples you can easily reach the islands situated in the bay of Naples. Check out more details about these ferries - sailing timetable and fares.

Ischia is the largest of the islands in the bay of Naples.

The Naples to Ischia ferry route is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Alilauro service runs several times a day between Naples and Ischia port - sailing time is around 1 hour. Caremar company runs ferries from Naples to Ischia throughout the year.

SNAV runs ferries from Naples to Casamicciola in the northern part of Ischia island daily. Sailing time is less that 1 hour. 

Procida is the smallest of the islands and less tourist island in the Bay of Naples and it's a great day trip destination with sandy beaches and fisherman villages.

You can reach this island from Naples Beverello with SNAV catamaran in only 40 minutes several times a day. Caremar company offers salings from Naples to Procida throughout the year.

Capri is the most famous of the island and very popular tourist destination during the summer. Take SNAV catamaran from Naples and reach it in only 50 minutes several times a day. Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) runs jet from Naples Beverello to Capri several times a day.

Naples to Sorrento peninsula


From Naples you can easily take train but you will enjoy great views of the bay of Naples if you take a boat. Throughout the year two operators run boats between these two ports: Alilauro and NLG.  Alilauro operate hydrofoils which departs from pier called Molo Beverello in Naples. The trip takes roughly 40 minutes one-way.

Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) operates boats Naples to Sorrento once a day throughout the year.

Naples to Pontine Islands

From Naples you can take ferries to Pontine islands situated offshore between Rome and Naples. SNAV has ferry from Naples Mergellina to Ventotene and Ponza islands during the summer season.

Naples to Aeolian Islands

From Naples you can travel by ferry to Aeolian Islands - a volcanic archipelago north of Sicily. These islands are popular travel destination during the summer. The largest island is Lipari and other islands are Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Basiluzzo.

SNAV company sails from Naples to these islands once a day from 31 May until 8 September 2018. The route is following: Naples - Stromboli - Panarea - Salina - Vulcano - Lipari. The sailing time from Naples to Lipari is around 6 hours.

Siremar company runs ferries from Naples to Aeolian islands once a day. It runs to Ginostra, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, Rinella, Filicudi. The journey takes from 9 to 14 hours.

Siremar also runs ferries between Naplea and the village of Ginostra on the Stromboli island. The journey takes 11 hours.

Naples to Sicily

If you need to travel from Naples to any place in Sicily you can do it easily by ferry. You can reach Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Ustica.

TTT Lines provides a year-round ferry service for both vehicles and passengers between Naples and Catania in Sicily.

Naples to Sardinia

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