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Easy Italian Dessert Recipes

In our selection of Italian desserts we have a number of great and delicious desserts including creamy tiramisu, sweet necci pancakes, rich torta caprese or crunchy cookies. These Italian desserts are the perfect way to finish any dinner, plus they look really impressive.

Tiramisu recipe

Classic tiramisu

Tiramisu is a light dessert which can be made very easily. You will need ladyfingers and coffee to soak them. For cream you need egg yolks, sugar, coffee and mascarpone cheese. Tiramisu can be prepared in only 30 minutes and is ideal for every occasion. 

Zuppa Inglese recipe

Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese is a dessert that can be easily made. It is made of custard cream and savoiardi cookies with addition of Italian herb liqueur - Alchermes. This light dessert is an amazing treat for every occassion. It is best when prepared a day ahead and cooled in the fridge.

Torta Caprese recipe

Torta Caprese

If you need an extraordinary dessert for a special ocassion, you should make Torta Caprese. This delicious cake is so rich in flavour which comes from chocolate and almonds. It is easy to make and your guests will be delightful. A piece of torta caprese can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or a whipped cream.

Chestnut flour cookies

Chestnut flour cookies

Chestnut flour is among popular ingredient used in Italian cuisine especially those form the mountain region of Tuscany. This gluten-free flour is ideal substitute for white flour which gives sweet delicate taste to the dishes. Try this simple and easy recipe for chestnut flour cookies which goes well with a cup of tea.

Necci pancakes

Necci pancakes

If you like sweet chestnut taste you will for sure love necci pancakes. This traditional Tuscan treat is made of chestnut flour and water and usually filled with ricotta cheese. These combination of sweet chestnuts and fresh ricotta gives unique taste in your mouth.

Sweet ricotta triangles

Sweet ricotta triangles

These filled pastries are ideal for breakfast or along the afternoon tea or coffee. Combination of puff pastry and ricotta filling gives great taste. You can add in the filling some chocolate, raising or maybe some milled nuts.

Frittelle di castagne

Frittelle di castagne are easy-to-make fritters made with chestnut flour and water. Chestnut flour is a gluten-free flour which has sweet taste and there is no added sugar in this dessert. You will definitely love these frittelle which pairs well with ricotta cheese.

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