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Cicchetti - Typical Venetian Snack Food

All across Venice you will find bacari -  wine bars where people gather together enjoying typical Venetian snack food (called cicchetti) and a glass of wine, prosecco or spritz. One of the most delicious cicchetti would be baccala - a salted cod fish served here whipped, slathered on bread or polenta.

Although menus change daily, they are usually dominated by crostini - slices of bread with various toppings (baccala, calamari, liver, prawns, fried fish, salami, vegetables), panini - sandwiches and fritti - fried food mostly fish and vegetabls. Cicchetti are a big part of Venetian food culture, as the perfect snack for fisherman, who arrive home from sea around 9 am and settle down in their favourite bar for a bite and a glass of wine. 

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