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A Story about Cannoli Siciliani

This is one of the most delicious Italian desserts. Everyone visiting Italy has to try this traditional Sicilian pastry dessert. The tube-shaped shells of the cannoli are made from frying pastry dough, before being filled with a sweet ricotta cream. The cream can be flavoured with different flavours such as chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, almond, lemon and others. 

Sicilian cannoli

If you are looking for perfect Sicilian cannolo in Rome you should head to 'I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza' pasticceria. This cosy place is a heaven for everybody who adores sweets. Among range of desserts you will find perfect crispy cannoli. They offer small and big cannoli filled with variety of flavours such as hazelnut, lemon, almond, chocolate, pistachio and plain ricotta filling. Be sure to make this place one of your must-try stops as they also serve espresso, cappuccino and other hot drinks.

If you are passing near Vatican there is another nice place to taste cannoli. It is Mastro Pistacchio pasticceria where they fill cannolo shell in front of you. You can choose from ricotta cream or pistachio cream filling. 

Another great pasticceria offering this Sicilian delight is 'Don Nino' which can be found on several places in Rome. They have authentic Sicilian cannoli in two sizes - big and small. We tasted the one with coconut cream and chocolate cream and we were happy with both of them. 

Where to try Sicilian cannoli in Rome?

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