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A Story about Cannoli Siciliani

Sicilian cannoli are the most famous Italian dessert both in Italy as well as outside Italy. Everyone visiting Italy should taste this delicious pastry originated from Sicily.

The tube-shaped shells of the cannoli are made from frying pastry dough, before being filled with a sweetened ricotta cream. The cream can be flavoured with different flavours such as chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, almond, lemon and many others. Each end of the tube is decorated with chocolate chips or candied orange peel or sugared cherry. The best cannoli are filled in front of you.


Where to try the best Sicilian cannoli in Rome?

These places are our absolute favourite spots to enjoy these delicious Sicilian dessert. Be sure to visit some of them while on your trip to Rome.

Mastro Pistacchio Gelateria & Pasticceria

Via Aurelia 28

Sicilian cannoli at Mastro Pistacchio

This cute place situated only 10 minutes walk from the Saint Peter's Square offers delicious gelato as well as a variety of Italian sweets. Here you can taste one of the best Sicilian cannoli in the whole Rome. Once you enter the place you will see in the display the pastry shells which are filled when you actually order one. Here you can choose from small and large cannoli as well as one coated with chocolate. Also, you can choose from amazingly creamy pistachio and plain ricotta filling. You'll also be asked if you want the ends dipped in chocolate chips, pistachios or hazelnuts. Cannoli are decorated with nuts and chocolate. Along these sweets you can have cappuccino, espresso, tea or other  drinks.

I dolci di Nonna Vincenza

Via dell'Arco del Monte 98A/98B
Piazza di Monte Citorio 116

Via Sicilia 41

Sicilian cannoli

If you are looking for a perfect Sicilian cannolo in Rome you should head to I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza' pasticceria which has several locations across the Rome but original location is near Campo de' Fiori.

This Sicilian pasticceria is a heaven for everybody who adores sweets. Among range of desserts you will find perfect crispy cannoli. They offer small and large cannoli filled with variety of flavours such as hazelnut, lemon, almond, chocolate, pistachio and plain ricotta filling. Be sure to make this place one of your must-try stops as they also serve espresso, cappuccino and other hot drinks.

Don Nino Gelateria & Pasticceria

Via dei Pastini 134
Piazza di Spagna 65

Piazza Fiume 77
Viale Eritrea 109
Via della Stamperia 83

Another great place offering this Sicilian delight is Don Nino which can be found on several locations in Rome. The most popular are pasticcerias situated on Piazza di Spagna and next to the Trevi Fountain - two most popular sights of Rome. Besides a wide variety of sweets, gelato and savoury delicacies they offer a selection of authentic Sicilian cannoli in two sizes. We tasted the one filled with coconut and chocolate cream and were happy with both kinds.


Via dei Gracchi 28

L'Involtino is a cute place in Via dei Gracchi, only a short walk from the Vatican Museums serving Sicilian food. Their sweet speciality are authentic Sicilian cannoli which comes in small and large size.

Cannoli are filled once when ordered and you can choose from pistachio and ricotta filling. They will also pack nicely your cannoli if you wish to take them out so you can enjoy them later.

Hedera Gelateria & Pasticceria

Borgo Pio 179, Rome
Via dei Coronari 141, Rome

Hedera Gelateria & Pasticceria can be found in two locations - one only a short walk from the Saint Peter's Basilica and the other one close to Piazza Navona. Both places offers one of the best artisanal gelatos in Rome as well as a range of Italian sweets. Their cannoli are delicious and filled with amazing ricotta cream.

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