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A Story about Bronte Pistachio

Bronte pistachios are loved all over the world for their vibrant green colour and intense flavourBronte pistachios are loved all over the world for their vibrant green colour and intense flavour

Bronte Pistachio, called also "the green gold of Sicily" are one of the most important ingredients of the Sicilian cuisine. These fruit with delicated flavour and exceptional green colour are used for preparing both sweet and savoury dishes throughout the Sicily. These pistachios are named after the town of Bronte which is situated below Mount Etna within the Natural Park of the volcano.

Each year at the beginning of October, Pistachio festival take place in this small town. During the festival the historic centre of Bronte is studded with stands where local producers and farmers show all their specialities made from pistachios. During the festival there are numerous live cooking events, seminars and shows you can attend.

In Sicily, Bronte Pistachios are a major ingredient in pastries and gelato as well as in cookies and cakes. Many local producers offer numerous artisanal products made from Bronte pistachios: sweet pistachio creams, pistachio brittle, traditional Christmas cake panettone and Easter cake colomba filled with pistachio cream, nougat with pistachios or pistachio liqueur. Pistachio cream can be used as a spread in many sweets like pancakes, donuts, cannoli etc. 

Real delicacy is pesto di pistachio where you add to pistachios extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano and garlic to make delicious nutty sauce which goes well with all kind of pasta.

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