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Best Time to Visit Rome

Visit Rome out of season to throughly enjoy real Roman lifestyle

The beautiful city of Rome is an ideal travel destination throughout the year as it offers unmatched combination of unique historic sights, delicious gastronomy and mild Mediterranean climate. The fact is that there is no bad time to visit this amazing city and purpose of your visit will make you choose your ideal time for visiting.

Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations during Christmas and New Year when thousands of visitors head to this city to celebrate festive season. Despite the fact that this is winter time, the weather is usually very pleasant and the city is so charming with its cobblestone streets and squares decorated with Christmas lights.

The biggest New Year's Eve celebration take place in Piazza del Popolo with music, dancing and sparkling fireworks. In this period you will experience crowds throughout the city which last until the Epiphany (6th of January). 

For those who would like to enjoy a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere in the city, the period following the festive season  (mid-January, February and March) may be ideal for visiting Rome. January and February are the coolest months of the year with average temperatures around 9°C with hight of 14°C and possible rainfall.

In March temperatures start to rise up to 20°C which makes the perfect time for soaking up Rome's rich history and culture but without the heat and large crowds. In this period you will find affordable accommodation deals across the city.

During the Eastern holidays, Rome is packed with people visiting Vatican and attending Eastern celebrations. Prior to Good Friday festivities begin with mass in Saint Peter's Basilica, followed by the Via Crucis, a torch-lit procession near the Colosseum. Easter Sunday Mass is held in Saint Peter's Square filling to capacity with nearly 80000 people. On Eastern Monday, the Pope holds a mass on Saint Peter's Square at noon.  The prices of accommodation in this period stay high and crowds are unvitable. Many Rome's hotels charge the highest prices during this period.

The months of April and May are ideal for visiting Rome because it isn't as crowded as the summer and the weather is very pleasant with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 24°C with lots of sunshine. The city is beautiful at this time of the year with green trees and flowers all around the city. This is ideal time for spending time outside and walking in the beautiful Rome's parks. The holidays you must be aware of in Rome are 21st April - Rome's birthday and May 1st - the labour day and major holiday which may close some shops and restaurants. 

If you decide to visit Rome in the months of June, July and August you may experience larger crowds and long queues in front of popular sights. In the June you can expect warm and sunny weather with average temperatures of 23°C. Summer is close and accommodation prices start to rise. 

July is one of the best months in Rome if you want to enjoy some outdoor events like cinema and concerts. It is also ideal for leisurely sightseeing, dining outdoor and enjoying buzzling nightlife which is why so many travellers plan their trips in this month. The average temperature in Rome in July is around 26°C . 

The temperatures in Rome during August rise over 30 and most Romans head for the beach this month which leaves many restaurants and shops closed. Major holidays to be aware of: 15 August Ferragosto - the feast of assumption.

Regarding the summer weather, you can expect brilliant sunshine with temperature rising over 30°C. For sure, Rome is popular summer destination, which means it can get busy at this time of year. 

The month of September is ideal for visiting Rome due to warm and pleasant weather. 

The months of October and November are great for visiting Rome, especially for those who want to save money on accommodation and see tourist sights without long queues. Rome enjoys mild weather in this period with an average temperature of 15°C during the day. 

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