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Best Panna Cotta Recipes

Panna cotta means cooked cream in Italian and is a simple and easy-to-make dessert made from very few ingredients - cream, sugar and vanilla. Gelatine is added to thicken the cream. The final product is rich and silky cream. Panna cotta is ideal light dessert ideal as everyday treat or a dessert for elegant dinner. 

Vanilla panna cotta is a classic and can be topped with berry sauce, caramel sauce, dark chocolate ganache etc. You can also make flavoured panna cotta depending on your tastes. We have a perfect recipe for chocolate panna cotta and white chocolate panna cotta you should definitely try to prepare at home. Both versions are creamy and ideal as chilled creamy dessert. You can also prepare coffee panna cotta, caramel panna cotta etc.

If you wish to make an even lighter panna cotta, you can replace some of the cream with milk. 


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