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About Us

My name is Nikolina and I am the owner of web site Tasty Italian Travel web site. I am a huge fun of Italy as well as it's amazing cuisine. I decided to start a web site which combined these two things - travel to Italy and Italian food and wines. 

As I love to travel to Italy, I found convenient to help other travellers to Italy with tips from the first hand. Therefore, I offer tips on planning the trip to Italy - from the best ways of getting there, the most convenient transfer options once there, the best accommodation facilities, top sights to visit etc. The web site is made around the local Italian cuisine which is different from one region to another. 

My other love to cooking and exploring Italian cuisine leads to the recipe section of this web site. I love to try traditional Italian recipes as well as experiment with the modern versions of them. You will find here recipes for simple Italian desserts, homemade pastas along the Italian sauces, popular Italian snacks etc. All recipes recommend the best Italian food products which can be purchased all around the world.

Within this web site you will find a loads of information regarding enjoying Italy and its delicious food. Find out the best places to taste delicious food and wines, the best cooking school for learning how to prepare homemade pasta from scratch, how to save while exploring Rome, the best ways to travel from Rome to Tuscany, the best day trips from Florence to the countryside etc. 

Enjoy with us on our Tasty Italian Travel!

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