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Discover the Beautiful Italy

Join us on this Tasty Italian Travel to discover together the delicious side of Italy. Explore with us every hidden corner of this beautiful country - from the lively capital city of Rome, the green hills of Umbria, the cliff-top towns of the Amalfi coast or the fascinating island of Sicily.

We suggest you start exploring Italy by taking food tours guided by locals, spending your cooking holidays in the countryside, buying the best olive oils, wines or prosciutto directly from the farms. This way you will experience the authentic Italy that you are searching for.

Find great ideas for your holidays in Italy

One of the reasons for visiting Italy is surely its delicious food. Starting from a wide variety of pasta dishes, Neapolitan and Roman style pizzas, vegetable dishes prepared from seasonal produce, great fish and meat specialities as well as simple desserts.

Taking a food tour is an ideal opportunity to discover authentic food places and taste the best food Italian cuisine has to offer. We will suggest the best quality food tours in each Italian destination so be prepared to taste the most creamy pasta carbonara in Rome, cicchetti snacks in Venice or cannoli on the island of Sicily.

Another great activity involving the food that can be found throughout Italy is taking a cooking class. When taking part you will have great fun while learning how to make pasta from scratch, knead pizza dough or even make real Italian gelato. The best part comes at the end when you can enjoy the food around the table in the company of your new friends.

Those who would like to immerse themselves completely in the Italian way of life should take cooking holidays which are usually held in the countryside. Your friendly hosts will teach you new culinary skills while you enjoy your stay in comfortable holiday villas. In the meantime you can enjoy wine and olive oil tastings and go sightseeing to nearby historical cities.

The most popular destinations for such kinds of holidays are Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast and Venice but they can be also found in other Italian regions.

Find useful tips for travelling to Italy

We are pretty sure that Italy is on everyone's travel bucket list at some point in their life. With this web site we would like to help you plan your trip to Italy with our useful first-hand tips.

We will suggest the most convenient way of getting to Italy and once you are there about getting around too. Here you will find info about regional airports, the main train stations, the best ferry connections as well as the most reliable airport transfers.

Finding accommodation in Italy may be slightly overwhelming so we are glad that we can help you to choose the best accommodation option. Find useful tips on affordable hotels in the historic centre of Rome, a romantic self-catering apartment in Florence or a luxury holiday villa set between the hills of charming Tuscany.

We are always pleased to discover new local restaurants serving authentic dishes from different Italian regions. We also know the best places to pop to for a creamy Italian gelato or the best tiramisu in the town. We also recommend the best gastro shops stocked with quality Italian food products.

Besides the capital city of Rome and Vatican City, there are numerous other destinations in Italy that are well worth visiting. Each region has its own specific charm and attracts visitors in different ways. Beautiful Tuscany known for its rolling hills and vineyards is the place for food and wine tasting, Umbria offers great sightseeing of small hill-top towns, romantic Venice is the place for those interested in history and culture while Sicily with its long coastline full of gorgeous beaches is the spot for an ideal summer holiday.

Bologna in Emilia-Romagna region
Beautiful Amalfi - the region of Campania

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